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About Restaurant Agent

About Us

Restaurant Agent is a restaurant selection website focused on providing dining deals and quality information about restaurants in a useful, comprehensive, and easily accessible format. Our website aims to:

  • help users find restaurants & deals
  • help restaurants to fill their empty seats
  • allow users to become involved by contributing to our website

Why to join Restaurant Agent?

  • Special Discounts
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Premium Website Content
  • Concierge Services
  • VIP Table Access
  • Member Only Events
  • Join Restaurant Agent & Save

How We Came To Be

We started in the San Diego in 2001 with After our success in San Diego, we decided to expand, and are now providing the same professional services to many other cities including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and others.

With the success of each of these sites, our vision began to grow, and we realized we could bring the helpfulness of our websites to cities across the world. The thought of acquiring hundreds of city-specific URLs seemed daunting, and we realized what was really needed was one website that could cater to all of our cities. Thus, Restaurant Agent was born.

Our premium websites:

Work with Restaurant Agent

Work with Restaurant AgentRestaurant Agent works as a concierge service, referring thousands of diners to partner restaurants. Fill your empy seats with our customers. We have been referring customers to partner restaurants since 2002. Work with Restaurant Agent


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